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Note: Please, if the itinerary of our tour does not meet your interests do not hesitate to contact us, to prepare for you suitable tour which meets your needs private Morocco tours.

Enjoy Desert Tour and camel tour, we offer Imperial cities trip on a Morocco tour. See this beautiful country with the local guides. Wonderful Desert is an Trusted Tour Operator specialized in tailor made travel in Morocco focusing on authentic experiences, desert and culture private tours and incentive travel for .

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Family Morocco Trips - wonderful desert


delivered by top Moroccan travel specialists

Wonderful Desert is a Moroccan tourism tour operator that offers regular, private and tailor made tours in regions of Morocco. Visit Morocco with your family on our desert guided vacation, one of our Family Collection Tours - specially designed trips that will appeal to .



The family trips are created so as to accommodate the visitors that want to experience Morocco together with their family. For this reason, the range of activities will vary, so as to be more appealing to your little ones.

We understand that travelling with your children will increase your desire for safety and for this reason our team is well prepared to put safety first above all. In order to have the best experience, we strongly encourage you to talk to our guide and set the appropriate expectations.

CONTACT US FOR You and your kids will encounter plenty of real life experiences on an Morocco tour adventure - anything from riding a camel in Merzouga, exploring Marrakech or medina in Fes. Describe your dream family vacation. If you're traveling with your family and looking for great fun, check this list of family-friendly Morocco tours. These tours are suitable for kids and their parents and help you . Contact us today.

Family Morocco Trips - wonderful desert

Family Morocco Trips

Family Morocco Trips - wonderful desert

Wonderful desert

Morocco Trips